Simple, Elegant, Functional – that is a better accessory with plus value!

PlusAcc strives to be a global leader in the design and manufacture of premium mounting solutions for smart home devices.

We believe today’s smart devices deserve accessories as brilliant as the devices they protect and enhance. And we believe today’s savvy users deserve device protection and durability, along with simplicity and elegance.

Our obsessive passion for design excellence and problem-solving ingenuity results in inventive, precision-engineered, alluring accessories. You can feel it in the materials we use, see it in our products’ fit and finish–and even hear it when you speak to our representatives.

We are an engineering-driven company and breaking new ground has always been critical to our success. We continually strive to differentiate in ways that allow smart devices to be used in more places, by more people, more easily.

All of our products are meticulously fabricated for each of today’s smart device models, ensuring an impeccable fit every time. Cut-outs for buttons and access points are exact. Contouring curves and edges emphasize sleekness and eliminate bulkiness. And colors and materials complement the individual design of each device.