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Adjustable Stand for Echo Show 5/8 (1st & 2nd Gen)

Adjustable Stand for Echo Show 5/8 (1st & 2nd Gen)

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Adjustable Echo Show Stand

The tilt stand for echo show is an adjustable echo show 8 stand and echo show 5 stand which improves the usability of your smart devices by tilting forward or backward for up-to-nose camera captures. With the Alexa show stand, you are able to point your Echo Show 5 or Show 8 in any direction you'd like.

Note: This is an Alexa show stand only, the Echo Show and charger are not included.

The adjustable stand is designed for compatibility with Echo Show 5 (1st & 2nd Gen) and Echo Show 8 (1st & 2nd Gen). Please note that this stand is not compatible with the new Echo Show 5 (3rd Generation).

Stable Magnetic Echo Show Holder

The stand for Alexa show is designed with easy-glide magnetic technology to prevent unwanted movement and drifting. The bottom anti-slip rubber footing ensures your show 8 or show 5 is secure in place and away from slipping and sliding.

Reliable Echo Show Accessories

The echo show stand elevates your device and prevents it from coming into contact with usual chaos such as spilled food, liquid, and the like. With this Alexa echo show stand, you can lift Show 5 or Show 8 off the counter in a neat, clean, and easily accessible setup.

What's Included

Adjustable Stand for Echo Show 5/8 (1st & 2nd Gen)*1
Instruction Manual*1

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  • echo dot 4th gen battery base

  • echo show 8 battery

  • homepod mini battery

  • echo show battery base

  • google nest mini 2nd generation battery base

  • battery base for echo dot 3rd generation

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