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Portable Battery Base for Echo Dot (5th Gen)

Portable Battery Base for Echo Dot (5th Gen)

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Battery Capacity

Battery Base for Echo Dot (4th and 5th Gen)

This echo dot 5th generation battery base provides a power station that is compatible with both new Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 5th Generation and Echo Dot 4th Generation. With this integrated echo dot 5 battery base, you can enjoy an improved audio experience, clearer vocals, and vibrant sound from the Alexa dot 5 away from power outlet.

Note: This is an echo dot 5th gen battery base only, the Echo Dot 5th Generation is not included.

Speaker Portable Battery Base Made for:

Echo Dot 5th Generation(All color versions)
Echo Dot 5th Generation with Clock
Echo Dot 5th Generation Kids
Echo Dot 4th Generation(All color versions)
Echo Dot 4th Generation with Clock
Echo Dot 4th Generation Kids

Rechargeable Echo Dot 5 Battery

The battery base for echo dot 5th generation ensures the lithium battery pack is safely and efficiently recharged for continuous use (up to 16 hours of playback). The inner system of the dot 5 battery pack will instruct to disconnect the power adapter while it is fully powered so to protect the inside battery and ensure the battery's health of the echo dot.

Cord-free Dot 5 Battery Stand

The echo dot 5th generation battery stand turns your Alexa dot 5 into a cordless and portable speaker. The dot 5th battery stand also enhances the integrated look while not compromising the audio quality and display of the Echo Dot's clock. You can take your Echo Dot 5 almost anywhere from upstairs to the garage, from the kitchen to the backyard.

What's included

Portable battery base for Echo Dot 5th Gen*1
Instruction Manual*1

Note: Charger is not included. To charge this echo dot gen 5 battery directly, you can simply use the original adapter that came with your Echo Dot 5th Generation.


Q: Does the echo dot 5 battery stand work with echo dot with clock?

A: Yes. The dot 5 battery case works with both Alexa echo dot 5th generation with time and echo dot 4th generation with clock, the battery won't block the clock at all.

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